Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday January 28, 2009

Our last day of training the managers for World Vision. We got started in role plays right away. We wanted them to have as much time as possible to practice. We discovered they were really good at this as well as the first group. It was great fun for us to work with people that were so willing to learn and grow.

It is clear that they will use these skills as soon as they can. We had some people report that they already used the Active Listening skill with their friends and they loved it.

We learned an African Acknowledgement of Appreciation (i cannot tell you the real name), so you will see a picture posted that shows them teaching us. It was funny.

We are so grateful to World Vision for this opportunity. Christy and I both have met some incredible people. At the end of this training, they presented us with a lead crystal paperweight as a gift from both groups. It is beautiful.

We of course want to thank them as well for they were all so engaging and treated us with such love and respect. To you all we say THANKS!

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Lisa Chavers said...

Wow! What an adventure in it is... six years later, I am reading this account for the first time...and am getting blessed by the record of what took place. I am experiencing this day this may be my own reality and real experience. Respecting, loving, serving by mentoring, modeling, encouraging and witnessing the fruit of such God be the real glory. What ever He tells you to do ...continue to do it! Expect a divine outcome.