Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tuesday February 3, 2009

This second day we began the day having them share things with us from the day before.  We spent the day getting them ready to do as many role plays as we could.  Christy and I would speak and Evis would translate.  It worked so well.  Evis is quite ready to do this training.  She is amazing.  We could have never done any of this without her.

We went to lunch to a different place.  I can tell you that the wait staff in Albania treat you with such respect, it is wonderful.  

We then spent the last few hours before dinner with the 2 primary mentors continuing their additional training.  We then went out to do some shopping and then to get pizza.  We had a great time.

As we got back to the hotel, we realized that the electricity was out in the hotel and for most of the block because of the wind.  Well, when we got in the hotel, the desk had candles sitting lit for us to take to walk up the marble steps to our rooms.  Well, you can imagine, we had some fun with that.  Christy, Evis and I laughed and laughed and some day I will tell you a very funny story of what happened when the wind blew the candles out.   The electricity was out all night and in the morning, so no showers or curling of hair.  We just said, okay lets go.   By the way this happens alot in this country.  

Evis, Christy and I spent the rest of the evening in our room with the candles lit and made bookmarks sitting on the bed, talking and having a great time.

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